Though it is quite difficult to identify which is a better ads platform out of Google Ads and Bing Ads, because there is a mixed result across both platforms, depending on the account we’re working on. As both of these ads are treated differently, unless using an ad-exchange, like-for-like campaigns across the networks rarely mirror each other in terms of set-up. But before understanding which is better let us have a quick look at both ads platform and their features.


Understand the Google Ads:


This platform is comprised of two well-known advertising networks: search networks and display networks. The former category caters to text advertisements that can run on the search engine results page. However, display network marketers run display advertisements that can appear on various sites.


Who use it:

  1. White-collar
  2. Techier
  3. Younger than 35
  4. University and college-educated

Understand the Bing Ads:


This platform is owned by Microsoft caters to 2 more search engines: Yahoo and AOL. The advantage is when you promote on one of the platforms, your advertisement on all three stages are shown. This opens up your promotion to users on various accomplice websites.

 Who use it:

  1. Blue-collar
  2. Less techy
  3. 35+year
  4. Likely to have kids

Have a deep dive in the difference between both of them

Cost Per Click (CPC)

AdWords has more clicks but at the greatest expense per click.

CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

Bing has a quite higher CTR, which implies that with a lower CPC and high CTR, you are able to get more potential customers.



Bing has a marginally lower conversion rate than AdWords, however, has a lower cost for every lead. Though it is difficult to pick which one is better since each battle varies on what your ultimate objective is. This one will simply have to be a TIE.

Exact vs. Close Variant Matching


Your search results are shown based on exact search matches, with bing. However, another one has the advantage of capturing misspellings, plurals, typos and accounts for them in your pursuit. Individuals would think this as a hindrance to Google, but it will allow and make you able to significantly expand your customer reach.

Remarketing Campaigns


Google takes it home on this one since it has quicker access to data in regards to website visitors. However, another platform doesn’t approach close.


You can just set a ‘day by day’ spending plan for each battle on AdWords. Bing Ads has somewhat more adaptability as you can set a ‘day by day’ or ‘month to month’ spending plan.

Area settings

You can focus on your target audience by area at the crusade and ad-set level. On Google AdWords, you can just target on a battle level. On the off chance that you need to truly channel your intended interest audience group, your most logical option is use Bing Ads.

Partner Network

Search engines of Google and reach network trump Bing’s advertisement reach by a mile, particularly for show promoting.



Both platforms offer various types of augmentations, similar to Call, Callout, Review, and so forth. TIE.

The Final Take

Both platforms offer points of interest that could support your organization. Though, you would definitely not prefer to pass up the impressive search share that Google has by not running advertisements utilizing Google Ads. That doesn’t mean you ought to eliminate Bing Ads from your ad technique, however. You should still consider it.

Planning to start up with Google Ads, and as your budget grows and you show signs of improvement at online advertising, allocate a segment of your advertisement spend to Microsoft Advertising. Analysis and see the difference.

For many advertisers, your best practice will be to commit the vast majority of your financial limit to Google Ads, yet in addition, send some of it to Bing Ads. You can increase or minimize this portion as per your need, which is a preferred position when advertising on the web.


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